This summer, MAGicSky participants are disseminating their very promising results on skyrmions.

The Pint of Science festival in Leeds, UK, the SOCSIS (Spin Orbit Coupling and Topology in Low Dimensions) workshop in Spetses, Greece, as well as the Sol-Skymag conference in San Sebastian, Spain, were a very good start for this skyrmionic summer.



  (V. Cros presenting results in Spetses)                           (R. Stamps at the JEMS conference in Glasgow)


MAGicSky was also present at the TopMAG16 (Topological Patterns and Dynamics in Magnetic Elements and in Condensed Matter) workshop in Dresden, and at the JEMS 2016 conferences in Glasgow.

More information on the presentations made during these events can be found on our twitter account.











(View from the Sol-Skymag venue in San Sebastian)

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